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Recently we were honored by a Patriotic organization; “Red, White and Bike” from Houston.  We assisted them in obtaining names of Purple Heart Patriots that had children aged 4 through 12. Once identified, the Purple Heart Parent was directed to a web-site where they could select a new TREK Bicycle for each child. There were 6 families honored with a total of 12 bicycles presented to our “Little Heroes.” Each child was also presented a new bicycle helmet and cable lock. Everything was donated by very generous Patriots and it was a fantastic opportunity to see the beautiful smiles of our “Little Heroes” and their proud parents.  Texas Capital Chapter 1919, Military Order of the Purple Heart extends our grateful appreciation to all who made this event happen.


Red, White and Bike is a non-profit organization that has taken on a project to honor “The Little Heroes,” those being the children of veterans who were combat wounded since the fight against terrorism and suicide bombings began. They do this by distributing bicycles to the children, really good bicycles, expensive TREK models. They contacted Chapter 1919 and we identified some of our local area Patriots, parents of twelve ideal candidates, children ranging between four and fourteen years of age. Red, White and Bike, brought the bicycles to the picnic at the Weeden’s on the appointed day and the 12 happy kids showed up to collect their bikes, each getting the treat of a lifetime.  Photos of children are withheld.

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At right of the banner is co-founder Larry Reid and wife Marcia, from League City.  At left, next to Patriot Jim Brown, are board members Jim Yates and Laura Bowman.

Different sizes and models for girls and boys all lined up, each with the child’s name tag, and each with a helmet and a security lock.

Last Updated 7-5-2014