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Chapter 1919’s own Patriot John Burkhardt is serving as Region 12 Coordinator for the private fund raiser for the "Build the Education Center at the Wall.


The Education Center is an initiative of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) and its founder and president of VVMF, Jan C. Scruggs. VVMF is the organization that raised the funding and built The Wall in 1982. Since 1982, Americans by the millions have visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in good times and bad to remember and draw inspiration from the 58,267 names on the Wall.


As those who served with them pass away, as family memories are forgotten, The Education Center will tell the stories of their lives--stories of courage, hope, love, family, and unshakable faith in our country.


Every one of their stories has the power to inspire us to find these values in our hearts and become better husbands, wives, parents, friends and citizens, and unite us to face the tremendous challenges ahead.


If you believe in our mission to keep their memories alive, and inspire a new American era of service and sacrifice, join us as a supporter of the Education Center at The Wall.


Visit the web-site "Build the Education Center at the Wall"


Patriot John Burkhardt, Region 12 Coordinator

Texas Governor Rick Perry

 and Patriot Jay Kimbrough, Texas Coordinator

Patriot Fred Lord, Patriot John Burkhardt,

Governor Perry, Patriot Jay Kimbrough

 and former Texas State Senator, Dan Shelley (National Coordinator - Veterans for Rick Perry for President)

Patriots Jay Kimbrough and Patriot Jan Scruggs

hold Proclamations from the Governor

(Jan Scruggs was the founder of the Vietnam Memorial in D.C. and also the Education Center at the Wall)

Patriots Fred Lord, John Burkhardt

and Jay Kimbrough

Last Updated 9-5-2011